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Breast Cancer Basics
Early Detection
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Facing Breast Cancer
Planning Your Treatment
Treatment Options
Advanced Breast Cancer
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Breast Cancer 101


You may know breast cancer as something that requires a big operation and leaves the woman disfigured, or something that is treated with chemotherapy, causing hair to fall out. And something that women usually die of.

In reality, breast cancer that is diagnosed early is one of the most treatable diseases. There has been enormous progress in breast cancer management in the past twenty years. There are effective combinations of treatments that can kill cancer cells, and surgical techniques that give cosmetically pleasing results. In this situation that probably appears pretty dismal to you right now, there are plenty of reasons to be positive.

In the next days or weeks, you should review the appropriate chapters of this book with your partner, and learn with her. Understanding breast cancer and its treatment will help you regain a feeling of control over your life, and will make you a much more effective supporter for the woman you love.

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