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Breast Cancer Basics
Early Detection
Diagnosis & Staging
Facing Breast Cancer
Planning Your Treatment
Treatment Options
Advanced Breast Cancer
A Guide For Your Partner
Treatment Options



Why You Need Surgery
           - What is a Lumpectomy?
          - Before Surgery
          - The Surgical Procedure
          - Recovery after Lumpectomy
          - Radiation Therapy after Lumpectomy
          - Is Lumpectomy Right for Me?

          - What is a Mastectomy?
          - Before Surgery
          - The Surgical Procedure
          - Immediate Reconstruction
          - Recovery after Mastectomy
          - Exercises After Mastectomy
          - Is Mastectomy Right for Me?

     Lymph Node Examination
          - Why Examine the Lymph Nodes
          - Axillary Lymph Node Dissection
          - Sentinel Node Biopsy
          - Side Effects
          - Lymphedema

Breast Reconstruction
     Breast Reconstruction
     Reconstruction Options
     Reconstruction Options
     Choosing a Plastic Surgeon
     Reconstruction with Implants
          - The Implant Procedure
          - After Surgery
          - Reconstruction with Your Own Tissues
          - TRAM (Transverse Rectus Abdominis) Flap
          - Latissimus Dorsi Flap
          - Free Flap
          - Recovery After Reconstruction

     Which Reconstruction is Right for Me?
          - Synthetic Implants
          - Tissue Flaps
          - Immediate Reconstruction
          - Delayed Reconstruction
          - Nipple and Areola Reconstruction
          - External Breast Forms

Radiation Therapy
What is Radiation Therapy

External Beam Radiation
          - Therapy Treatment Planning
          - How Treatment is Given
          - Side Effects of External Beam Radiation Therapy
          - Fatigue
          - Skin Changes
          - Caring for Your Skin During Radiation Therapy
          - Other Side Effects
          - Brachytherapy

     What is Chemotherapy?
     Do You Need Chemotherapy?
     How Chemotherapy Works
     How Chemotherapy is Given
     Dose Dense Chemotherapy
     Typical IV Chemotherapy Day
     Vascular Access Devices

     Side Effects of Chemotherapy
          - Why Side Effects?
          - Nausea
          - Fatigue
          - Hair Loss
          - Suppression
          - Infections
          - Other Side Effects
          - Sexual Side Effects‹Physical
          - Sexual Side Effects‹Psychological
          - Oral Chemotherapy
          - Common Chemotherapy Drugs

Hormone Therapy
     What is Hormone Therapy?
     How Hormone Therapy is Given
     Do You Need Hormone Therapy?
     Side Effects of Hormone Therapy

     What is Immunotherapy?
     How Herceptin Works
     Side Effects of Immunotherapy
     Do You Need Immunotherapy?
     Future Therapies

Complementary Therapy
     "Complementary" vs. "Alternative"
     Complementary Therapies
     Mind/Body Connection
     Meditation and Visualization
     Spiritual Support
     Humor / Laughter


     Other Complementary Therapies
          - Acupuncture
          - Homeopathy
          - Alternative Treatments

Treating DCIS
     What is DCIS?
     Mastectomy or Lumpectomy?
     Radiation Therapy or Not?
     Treatment of DCIS

Clinical Trials
     What are Trials?
     How are Trials Conducted?
     Participating in a Trial
     Is a Trial Right for Me?








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